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TURNT Concept Trailer

TURNT Concept Trailer

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TURNT is a gritty teen drama set in the REAL world of sex trafficking (no creepy white van here).  Following her mother’s drug overdose, MIA REYES spends the next year being moved from group home to group home.  After a physical altercation with her new roommate, Mia finds an ally in fellow foster youth DESTINY GIBSON. They run away to attend a party where she meets JAMAL HARRIS an up-and-coming rapper who has just been released from jail.  Mia and Jamal‘s attraction is magnetic.  Mia opts to stay with Destiny and her friends. 


For the first time since her mother’s death, Mia has everything she could possibly want: love, security, a stable home, and a shot at making her singing career a reality.   But she soon learns that nothing in this world is free, not even love.  When it is revealed that Jamal needs more money to get his record label off the ground, Mia is “turned out” and forced into sex trafficking to make that happen. 


Seeing no way out, she resolves herself to just surviving.  But when a friend is nearly beaten to death by a pimp, Mia finds the courage to fight back and take Jamal’s entire operation down in the process. 


TURNT, based on true events, serves up a raw realistic narrative of child sex trafficking from the inside.

Why This Story Is Important

TURNT is designed to entertain AND educate teens on tactics used by Sex Traffickers to recruit them.  By raising awareness amongst youth around this issue, this film can help them recognize the subtle signs and protect themselves.  Here's what some of the youth are saying about the film. 

A Few Appalling Facts

- Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 states


- The average age of youth being recruited into sex trafficking is 15 years old

-Foster and probation youth are PRIME TARGETS of Sex Traffickers

-80% of the teens arrested for prostitution were part of the Child Welfare System (i.e. foster homes, group homes, juvenile hall, etc.)

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